The Playlist

To know me is to know that music is more than just a hobby to me. So, as a public service to my ego, here's a list of music and my own disturbing views about them. If you want an artist evaluated, please send me an email with the artist name, and I will start disliking them immediately.

Bands that suck

Any "rap" or "hip-hop" band - I haven't heard one yet that doesn't blow.
Bob Dylan - can anyone tell me what the HELL that man is saying?
Fleetwood Mac - this band is like a turd that refuses to go down when you flush it.
Judas Priest - cross-dressing freak.
Madonna - tainted meat. She's slept with Dennis Rodman. 'Nuff said. Skank.
Tom Petty - some people love him, some people hate him. I could care less.
Prince - whatever you call him, he's a talentless freak who can't sing.
Britney Spears -
the only good thing she ever did on film is explode in "Goldmember".
The Rolling Stones - what a pile of crap this group of gerryatric retards has become.

Bands that don't suck

AC/DC - the monster of Rock.
A rabesque - the best thing that's come out of Europe lately.
Dream Theater - keeping the Progressive movement going.

The Eagles - so much talent, they were bound to explode.
ELP - just imagine what Jimi Hendrix would've added.
Evanesence - nice sound for a new band.
Foreginer - who doesn't own "Foreigner 4"?
Genesis - Peter, Phil, Mike, Tony, and Steven - 5 good musicians.
Jimi Hendrix - burned out too soon, just think of where he'd be today.
Honeymoon Suite - Niagra Falls best band since... well, just the best ever from there.
King Crimson - out there, but talented beyond belief.
Led Zepplin - they expanded the bounds of music, and gave us "Stairway to Heaven."
Loverboy - girls love the album cover.
Marillion - the Scottish
version of Genesis.
Steve Miller Band - he's worth the triple royalties.
Gary Moore - he was born to play the guitar.
Rush - the "creme de la creme" of Canada.
Saga - twenty-five years and still going strong.
Staind - I like 'em.
STYX - old as the river, but still a classic.
Threshold - I can't wait for their next album.
Triumph - not up to the Rush standard, but talented in their own right.
Stevie Ray Vaughn - another candle in the wind.
The Who - those kids are alright.
Yes - only they could take Simon & Garfunkel to the next level.
Frank Zappa - no one really knew where his mind was, but he was entertaining.
Zebra - one of the few "Led Clones" that's got talent.

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