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The number one obstacle to peace. That's how a Palestinian official referes to Israel building homes for peaceful residents. They say that it stands in the way of peace. How about the Palestinian homicide bombers? Don't they stand in the way of peace too? Maybe even a bit stronger than residents? How about Palestinian terrorists who sneak through fences to shoot innocent people minding their own business? I think that the Palestinians are the number one obstacle to peace. Rid the world of them, and the problem goes away.

Zero-tolerance goes too far. Today on the radio I heard about a young girl who wrote in her personal diary a story about a student who dreamt that they shot a teacher in the school and then ran from the school, only to be shot by a security guard. For this, she was expelled for the remainder of the school year. She wrote private thoughts in a private journal. The teacher seized her diary with questionable legality, and then clearly violated search and seizure laws by reading its contents. According to the girl's father, she was actually arrested at school at taken out in handcuffs. She never discussed this with anyone, never made a threat against anyone, and never named any individuals. So why should she be expelled? It's more of the leftist war on thought. They don't wage war on all thoughts, just the ones that they don't like. You don't believe me? A member of the Georgia House of Representatives made a direct threat to punch out another member of the House during a session without any punishment to him whatsoever. Why do we tell children to be honest and forthcoming and then punish them when they haven't broken any laws? I remember reading some time ago that zero-tolerance equates to no tolerance, and no tolerance equates to intolerance. Is this what we should be teaching our students? This is the same state that expelled a young girl for a Tweety-Bird keychain. At some point common sense must prevail, or else we need to take control back via elections to sweep the Board out and replace them with people whose mission will be to keep kids in school, and possibly even teach them some basic skills. If we fail in our mission to educate our kids, then we have failed them completely. It is our job to educate our children, and if the Government schools do not want the job, then return our money to us and let us takes of it privately.

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