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The death of our country - we're at the precipice.

Today the House of Representatives is supposed to vote on the "Senate Healthcare Bill".

So, why am I so concerned?

The government has a bad track record with nearly everything that it manages. What do I mean by bad track record?

Take a look at NASA. They spend a fortune to get any cargo into orbit. They have huge overhead. And where was the accountability when they shot $150,000,000 of our tax dollars square into the surface of Mars and destroyed a probe?

Look at Social Security - headed for bankrupcy.

Look at Medicare - headed for bankrupcy, hard to find doctors who'll take you.

Look at Medicaid - costly insufficient care.

Look at Fannie and Freddie. Look at what a mess they made of things.

And the biggest failure.... government education.

They do everything poorly.

And now they want to take over your healthcare. And yes, they intend to take it over. Everything. Primary care, critical care, emergency care, and single-payer responsibility. Cradle-to-the-grave. And that is by their own words.

Remember the "War of Poverty"? How did that go? Did we win? Or is the percentage of people in poverty the same as it was 45 years ago? (answer: it is)

The government already gives people free (or reduced) housing (Section 8), free education (government schools), free healthcare (Medicaid), free cell phones (when did THAT become a "Right"?), free land-line phone service, subsidized power rates (in many places), free cable service, free food (WIC), food stamps, free legal services, free video rentals (public libraries), free Internet access, parks, entertainment... the list goes on-and-on.

Only it isn't free.

Back to Healthcare.

When was the last time you saw someone go to Canada for a life-saving procedure?

If you think Healthcare is expensive now, just wait until it's "free"

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