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Here is some documentation on some old instruments that might be out of print. If you have anything to contribute, . I try to put new content on the site all the time. The newest items appear on top. Please also don't forget to visit my shopping links to find good online shopping deals (or just some neat sites), and to help pay for this site, the hardware, the bandwidth, and Baby Spooge with new clothing and shoes (did I include diapers?). If you really care, I really do own a DX-7 and a CS1x. I might even take pictures.

TX81Z Service News (PDF) (approx. 1.3MB)
DX7IIFD Service Manual (approx. 15MB)

Grey Matter E! Card manual (approx. 8MB)
Factory pre-sets for the TX802
(added 1/29/04, courtesy of Pas)
Yamedit (527K)

Chowning Book (FM Theory & Applications)
(courtesy of Edware r Jones [paper to PC] and http://tastiere.altervista.org [PDF], approx. 18M PDF file)
Patches! Patches! Patches! (courtesy of Alexandre Souza)
Yamaha DX-9 Owner's Manual
Yamaha DX-7 Voice Data List sheet (link - html)

Yamaha DX-7 Operating Manual (5.5M)
Yamaha DX-7 Main Service Manual (2.1M)
Yamaha DX-7 PCB Service Manual Part 2 (1.0M)
Yamaha DX-7 Diagnostic Routines (8KB)
Yamaha DX-7 Voice Library (1.3M)
Yahama DX-7 II D/FD Owner's Manual (5.3M)
Yamaha DX-7s Owner's Manual (3.4M)
DX Manager (link - 5M, courtesy of Jon Morgan)
The Complete DX-7 (~10M)

Yamaha CS1x Owner's Manual (1.6M)
Yamaha CS1x Data List (334K)
Yamaha TX-7 Owner's Manual (3.3M)

Yamaha TX-802 Owner's Manual (2M)
Yamaha DX-7 Stats / Details (59K, this guy is a PRICK, but I don't want you to skip the info)
Changing your Yamaha DX-7 Lithium battery (comprehensive) (18K, html format, courtesy of Jeroen)
Changing your Yamaha DX-7ii Lithium battery (simple) (29K, Word .doc, also courtesy of Jeroen)
PLG100-DX Owner's Manual (496K)
DX Simulator Manual (643K)

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