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Now to tackle an "older" issue. I had to take a few days and think before writing about this ass-wipe, since my first instinct would be to eradicate this underwear-stain from the face of the planet.

What did this ass do to irk me? Well, let's see. How about calling all Jews money-grubbing people who "worship money above all else", and are out to make their bucks peddling violence. Even worse, this ass-dart based his argument that 2 Jews who are in Hollywood work for companies associated with the movie "Kill Bill," (which by the way was written by Quentin Tarrantino, who has an Italian name), and tried to use the Holocaust to justify his argument that Jews can't earn a living if there is violence involved. So, I guess it's just fine for Arnold or that ass-clown Stallone to earn a living blowing the shit out of everything with RPGs and Stinger missiles, but it's a crime for the man to sit in an office and lays out millions for movies that may or may not sell.

Now, first of all, anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that not all Jews are money-grubbing freaks. For example, the Clintons sold out our great Country to the tune of millions, and they are as Jewish as I am thin.

Now, most non-Jews do understand the Holocaust, not because they saw "Schindler's List", but because they understand that mass genocide is wretchedly horrible, and inexcusable. For someone to compare the atrocities that went on between 1933 and 1945 to Michael Eisner signing off on "Kill Bill" is more that a bit of trying to play the "moral equivalence" game. Eisner would be at the level (at most!) of shooting a spitball at the back of your head. The Nazis were (on the same scale), the equivalent of dropping an atom bomb on your house. That Gregg Easterbrook doesn't get it doesn't surprise me. The Liberals are so caught up in their claims of superior intelligence that they've forgotten the oldest rule: if you're really smart, you don't have to tell others, they will know it. When someone like Easterbrook works so hard to make his argument stretch to fit his agenda, it shows by the simple fallacies in his arguments.

Now, I have NOT yet seen "Kill Bill", but I do own a TV, and the commercials for it are on every 10 minutes, so I have seen several trailers for the movie. Easterbrook claims that these executives are "glorifying the killing of the helpless as a fun lifestyle choice." So, let's examine the components of that statement. Does releasing a movie as a part of your business signify "glorifying" it? Did I miss some speech where Michael Eisner spoke at length about the beauty of violence? Also, he calls the supposed victims "helpless" in the movie. In the trailers that I've seen, most of the fight scenes show very well-armed adversaries squaring off. It's hard to call someone with a samurai sword in their hands "helpless." The last part, about it being a "fun lifestyle choice" is the hardest to understand. Does he mean to imply that Harvey Weinstein and Michael Eisner partake in the scenes that are produced at their studios? And of course, the best part: these movies are NOT REAL! They are fiction, the works of screenwriters' minds, pure fantasy to distract us from the doldrums of another day of serving under these money-grubbing Jews who makes lifestyle choices to glorify the killing of the helpless.

What an ass-dart. No wonder ESPN didn't just fire him - they disappeared him like a former cast member on "The Sopranos."

And while I'm at it, if you're reading this, and you're NOT a Jew, please accept my apology for educating those who can't differentiate between a Jew and an Israeli. A Jew is someone who looks at the "Five Books of Moses" (the Torah) as a part of their "Bible", circumsizes their sons, and lives with tremendous guilt (thrust upon them by mothers who "only want what's best for them"). An Israeli is someone who lives in Asia, and wonders when some asshole is going to shoot him while he's farming. There are a lot of people in Israel who are not Jews, and a lot of Jews who don't live in Israel. It's like Catholics and Rome. There are a lot of Catholics who don't live in Rome, and not everyone in Rome is a Catholic. The Jews that live in Israel are more religious (on average) than the ones who live elsewhere. You will not find too many places in Israel to get a ham sandwich on a Saturday. But you will find many a Jewish deli serving up ham and cheese on rye on Saturdays.

Now that we've got that worked out, I'm hungry.

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