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Today is 9/11. So, while everyone is busy whining about Muslims and terrorism, I thought I'd dedicate today to something else:

The Heinous Bitch From Hell (THBFH)

Well, at least it's not another boring story of people who can't move on after terrorists did their best to fuck up NYC. Too bad they didn't realize that New Yorkers are hardier than rhinocerous hide. New Yorkers love adversity, although this isn't how they'd pick to rise to the occasion. But since that's a fact, let's just kill the rest of Al Qaeda, Hamas, and any other terrorists, and be done with it.

Now, back to THBFH. Why call her that? Well, I don't want to get involved with litigation. So, I won't use Diane's real name. Anyway, why should I pick on someone who hasn't been a part of my life for about 15 years? Well, because today I'm feeling mean-spirited, and she deserves it. What could a woman have done to me that pissed me off so badly? Here's a clue. She's been telling people that she left me after catching me with another man. That's right. She probably even said it with a straight face.

Well, everyone who knows me knows what a pile of festering diaper-remnants that is. Plain and simple, she lied. And not only was it a bad lie, it was a heinous one. It was designed to ensure that no woman that we both knew would come within 10 feet of me. And proof of that is that it worked. I always wondered why my dating opportunities were fewer after her. Now I know.

Now, she could have picked a MILLION other reasons to tell people why she left me. And of those million, she could have picked any one of 500,000 good reasons. She could say that I wasn't nice to strangers. She could say that I didn't work hard enough. She could say that I wasn't motivated. She could have said that I wasn't doing well with finding a future for myself, or for us as a couple. She could have said I was too opinionated, or that I had to have my way MOST of the time. Hell, 15 years ago I was a complete shit-head. I had told off my parents in my (in)finite wisdom, I had wrecked my car through my own negligence (while it was someone else's fault, I could have done different decisions that would have made it never happen), I had lost my job, and I wasn't particularly focused in school. We had no money, trouble paying our bills, and she was carrying a heavy burden.

She could have said that she wasn't ready for deeper commitments, that I was rushing her, or any number of other reasons. She could have mentioned her own issues, her lack of intimacy, her inability to let anyone get close, her secrecy, and her inability to go against her parents' wishes.

But, she instead intended to not only leave me, but defame me as a person as well. She didn't tell everyone (I'm sure) that she took some things of mine that I had long before I met her, or that she killed my fish. She never told anyone that she left me in the middle of a day, while I was out. I'm sure she didn't tell everyone that I came home to an empty apartment.

But, if you ever wondered why I thought so little of so many women, now you know why. When you love someone (or think you do) enough to put them ahead of everyone else, and then they piss all over you, you get a little bit hardened against their kind.

Thank God for Mrs. Spoogeworld. She took her time and slowly showed me by example that she wasn't cut from the same cloth. She showed me that love could be an endless ocean that I could spend my life swimming within. She showed me that one plus one doesn't equal .75, but 3. Mrs. Spoogeworld convinced me to open up myself, to expose my innermost wounds to her. And she nurtured me and helped me to become someone she (and others) could love. I thank her for what I've become. Without her I'd be a bitter old man.

By the way, THBFH is apparently sill unmarried (from what I hear). That I find easy to believe. I have moved on, but it's funny that no one else in my life harbors that much anger from me. I guess it's time to lay this little bit of my life to rest now, and forget the whole issue. But as a warning to all others, remember that I have a very long-term memory, and I never forget those who've wronged me.

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